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Saskatchewan Gathering System Expansion

The Saskatchewan Gathering System expansion is an ongoing upgrade to the existing system, including connections to eight new thermal production projects, line upgrades and extensions and enhanced safety measures at river crossings. View Details

Hardisty Commercial Storage Expansion

Commercial storage is being expanded at Husky Midstream’s Hardisty Terminal, offering prospective customers capacity in 300,000-barrel and 500,000-barrel tanks, including positions as small as 80,000 barrels. View Details

Hardisty Operational Tank

Construction of a new 500,000 barrel crude oil operational tank will assist Husky Midstream in effectively managing its growing pipeline receipts, deliveries to major pipelines, as well as ongoing pipeline apportionments on behalf of its customers. View Details

Ansell Corser Gas Plant

Construction is underway on the new Ansell Corser gas processing plant in the Ansell area of west-central Alberta. The plant is expected to be placed in service in the fourth quarter of 2019. View Details

Wembley Gathering System

The Wembley Gathering System is an 8-inch, 42 km, three-phase flow pipeline, transporting natural gas, water and condensate for customers in northwest Alberta. The pipeline is expected to be in service in Q4 2019. View Details