Focused on Safe and
Reliable Operations

Emergency 1-877-458-8080 (24 Hour)

Husky Midstream is committed to a culture of safety and accountability across its entire organization. Its pipelines and facilities are designed, constructed and operated with safety and asset integrity as the top priority.

To achieve and maintain this high standard, Husky Midstream strives to exceed standards set by industry regulators, while ensuring it is in compliance with all provincial and federal regulations and requirements.

The company employs new technologies to establish a proactive approach to maintaining the integrity of its assets, while continuing to provide reliable service to its  customers.

Emergency Preparedness

Husky Midstream operates its assets safely so that the public, local communities where it operates and the environment are protected.

In the event of an emergency, it is important Husky Midstream is prepared to appropriately and effectively coordinate a response to control and contain the incident. Husky Midstream maintains detailed emergency response plans outlining how the company will respond in the event of an incident.

In order to effectively implement these plans, Husky Midstream regularly conducts emergency response training events and exercises with first responders, regulators and local authorities.

The group participates in the Western Canadian Spill Service (WCSS) cooperative and takes part in training exercises in diverse conditions to further enhance its emergency preparedness.

Husky Midstream Emergency Response Plan (PDF)
LBX Emergency Response Plan (PDF)

Cenovus Emergency Management Program (PDF)
Husky Midstream Landowner Information Pamphlet (PDF)

Investing in Emergency Preparedness

Husky Midstream is committed to investing in technology and systems designed to minimize the potential for incidents. These technologies will help facilitate the operation of its assets, increasing the safety of employees and contractors.