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Safety Information FAQ

How are pipeline incidents involving third parties prevented?

Husky Midstream identifies the location of its pipelines with above ground markers and provides information to the public, first responders and government agencies about how to work safely on or near this infrastructure.

Third parties who wish to work near Husky Midstream pipelines should notify both the Company and the One-Call service in their province.

How deep are Husky Midstream’s pipelines buried?

At the time of construction, Husky Midstream’s pipelines are buried to a depth that meets, and in some cases exceeds, legal requirements. If there are concerns about a pipeline’s coverage, please contact the Company’s emergency number: 1-877-458-8080.

What is a pipeline right-of-way?

A right-of-way is a strip of land, typically between 15 metres and 20 metres wide, which allows workers access to a pipeline. It also identifies the area where certain activities are prohibited, to keep the public and environment safe and to protect the integrity of the pipeline.

What steps should be taken if a leak occurs?

If a leak is suspected, protect yourself by leaving the area immediately and, if possible, moving upwind, or crosswind and uphill.

  • Warn others to stay away from the area.
  • Do not attempt to operate any pipeline valves.
  • From a safe distance contact 911 and the Cenovus 24-hour number: 1-877-458-8080.
  • Do not light a match, start an engine or use a telephone, camera or any device that may produce a spark.

What is the Canadian Energy Regulator’s (CER) safety zone?

The CER’s safety zone is a 30-metre zone on either side of a pipeline’s right-of-way. It protects people, the environment and the pipeline. CER’s regulations govern activities on or within that safety zone:

CER Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations
CER Pipeline Damage Prevention Regulations Obligations of Pipeline Companies
CER Guide for Landowners and the Public: Safety and Damage Prevention
Husky Midstream Landowner Information Pamphlet (PDF)